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How do I fix the SQL0666 error when doing large transactions to DB2 on an AS400?
The SQL0666 error usually happens when you are using ODBC to process a large query from your PC. When it is determined the query will process longer than OS/400's query timeout limit, the query errors out and returns something similar to the following error message: [IBM][Client Access ODBC Driver (32-bit)][DB2/400 SQL]SQL0666 - Estimated query processing time xxx exceeds limit yyy. Where xxx and yyy represent the estimated amount of time it will take to process the query and the OS/400 query time limit, respectively. OS/400's query time limit is kept in the query processing time limit system value, QQRYTIMLMT, which can be viewed or changed through the following Work with System Values command (WRKSYSVAL): WRKSYSVAL SYSVAL(QQRYTIMLMT) In the ODBC driver that comes with iSeries Access for Windows V5R2 and above, IBM provides a mechanism for turning off query timeout value support for applications that use a particular ODBC Data Source Name (DSN). Once your applications know...
16 Nov, 2015
Are there examples of using .NET code in RFgen?
1. Make a new BAS file and select the Active Syntax = VBA NET option. 2. Click the Add references option and select your GAC visible class. 3. Use the Imports command to gain access to the namespace you want. 3. You should be able to Dim a variable as a type from your class. '#Language "WWB.NET" Option Explicit Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop Public Sub SendMail(ByVal sTo As String, ByVal sSubject As String, ByVal sBody As String) On Error Resume Next ' Dim oOutlook As New Outlook.Application Dim oEmail As Outlook.MailItem oEmail = oOutlook.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olMailItem) oEmail.Body = sBody oEmail.Subject = sSubject oEmail.To = sTo oEmail.Send() End Sub
16 Nov, 2015
Server Heap Size
Symptoms - When running the RFgen service, the system stops allowing new connections of RFgen Clients after a subset of users have logged on regardless of how much memory is installed on the server or how many users the RFgen Server has been licensed for. Diagnosis - The default heap size (session memory area) for system services is not large enough to accommodate the requested number of RFgen client processes. This situation did not usually occur with Windows NT because the heap size for non-interactive services typically defaulted to the same sizes as a logged on user and was large enough to handle the load. However, starting with Windows 2000, the default heap size for non-interactive services was reduced by 85%. Resolution - Increase the default heap size for non-interactive services. The default in Windows 2000 is 512k. Other operating systems may be different. 512k should support up to 40 users (RFgen Clients). 1024K should support up to 80 users (RFgen Clients)....
06 May, 2016